My little loaf

I rewatched yesterday’s episodes of Who Let The Dogs Out today with my husband, who hadn’t seen them yet. Once again, I was amazed at the amount of energy Tillman & Company have. See that photo at the top of this page? That’s what Ariel looks like 23.5 hours of the day. The other half hour, she’s sitting up waiting for someone to throw goodies down her neck so she can get back to the exhausting work of laying around and looking cute.

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Inspired by Tillman


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I was inspired to start a blog by an episode of Who Let The Dogs Out (WLTDO), a new show on Hallmark Channel featuring Tillman, the world-famous skateboarding bulldog. On it, they highlighted blogpaws 2013, a conference for animal bloggers where they can get together, meet each other and learn tips and tricks for using social media. I figured since I post so often on Facebook about Ariel, I might as well start blogging about her. Smile
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