Ariel is our first bulldog. We previously had boxers. After I lost Rooney, the boxer love of my life, I decided I needed a smaller dog but wanted one with the same squishy face and goofy, silly nature that I love so much. So we decided on a bulldog and I began the search.

After spending quite some time searching rescues, humane societies and even Craigslist, I found a responsible breeder, Hedrick’s English Bulldogs. I knew we couldn’t afford a puppy, but I emailed Mike to ask whether he rehomes the sires/dams once they retire. He replied that he occasionally did and, as fate would have it, had one available for rehoming who was retiring early.

A few weeks later, on September 23, 2012, Ariel (aka Hedrick’s Ariel Highwire Act) joined our family. She’s a four year old, honey brindle ball of fun. She’s silly, stubborn, quirky, and a perfect fit for our family. And she seems to be fond of us, as well.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m such a soft touch and she gets a lot of biscuits and goodies.


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